Species Unknown
  • Dark Hunters
  • Order of Mata-Nui
Kanohi None
Colors Blue and Gold
Element None
  • Order of Mata-Nui spy on Dark Hunters
  • Dark Hunter
Tools Rhotuku Launcher
Location Xia
Status Deceased
Pronunciation 'A'-n-sh-ent

Ancient was a former Dark Hunter from The Shadowed One's home island. He served the Order of Mata Nui as a spy on the Dark Hunters until The Shadowed One killed him on Xia.


Early History

"Ancient" came from The Shadowed One's home island. He begun a business where others hired him to do jobs like taking down enemies, killing people, kidnapping. "Ancient" later caused a civil war on the island as everyone wanted his services. He fled with The Shadowed One and became one of the first members of the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters

"Ancient"'s first known act as a Dark Hunter was capturing Hakann and Vezok from a Toa Fortress and bringing them to The Shadowed One as they knew some top secret Dark Hunter plans. Hakann was forced to tell him and "Ancient" held the traitor, who had told Hakann and Vezok of the task, as The Shadowed One killed him with his eye beams and later called Vezok a 'Piraka', starting the idea that was to be used to name the group of Skakdi centuries later.
Upon the use of the Kanohi Vahi on the island of Mata-Nui, Ancient was sent to track it down with Voporak.

Order of Mata-Nui/Brotherhood war

"Ancient" persuaded The Shadowed One to serve he Order of Mata-Nui and allow the Dark Hunters to be stationed in Xia, blocking off the Brotherhood's main source of weaponry.
Ancient later came upon The Shadowed One as the Leader of the Dark Hunters found the Makuta Virus in a wrecked building in Xia. The Shadowed One then struck Ancient with his eyebeams, murdering him, and making sure no-one found out the virus was in his hands.


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