Species Unknown
Kanohi None
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Red
Element None
Occupation Assassin of rebel Dark Hunters
Tools Rhotuka Launcher
Location Karzahni
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Gard-Ian

Guardian was a Dark Hunter, whose job was to track down and terminate any Dark Hunters who failed their missions.


Early History

"Guardian" was originally from an island that had been crippled by war. He was injured in a battle and had been left for dead when a Dark Hunter found him and took him in.

Dark Hunters

Once on Odina, he was given new armor and weapons and he swore he would have revenge. The Shadowed One noticed this anger and desided it would fuel him for his new job, which was to kill any Dark Hunters who were captured, so as not to have any secrets of the organization spread.

Makutaverse Rebellion Force

It is unknown how Guardian wound up in the first rebellion force. All that is known is that he was hiding with them in Karzahni. As Tahu explained his plan, Guardian rebelled. He did not seem to want to be a part of the group. When Tahu tried to persuade him to think about their plan, the ground beneath him was opened up by Teridax, sucking him in, then crushing him to death as it closed again.

Abilities and Traits

"Guardian" had no known powers of his own. However he wielded a Rhotuku Staff that launched Rhotuku Spinners of both Stone and Earth.
"Guardian" also wielded claws and, according to the Bionicle book entitled 'Dark Hunters', his entire right arm had to be rebuilt to supress his injuries and to allow him to hold his Rhotuka Staff.


  • "Guardian" was made by Jordan SteelQuist.


Makutaverse Rebellion Force(v|e)
Team 1: Tahu
  Lariska   Jerbraz   "Guardian" (Deceased)   Johmak   Kopeke   Krahka   Onua
Team 2: Kapura   Macku   Hafu   Tuyet   Lewa/Tren Krom
Team 3: Takanuva   Pohatu

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