"When I had him in hand and learned from my spies what had happened to him, I convinced him that the others on his team had been jealous. They had allowed him to be trapped and turned into a beast. In his maddened state, he was ready to believe friends were enemies - and I had a new Dark Hunter."
The Shadowed One describing how he recruited "Savage".
Dark Hunter Savage
Species Toa
Group Dark Hunters
Kanohi Unknown
  • Silver
  • Black
Element None
Occupation Dark Hunter
  • Tri-Claw
  • Rhotuka Launcher
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive

"Savage" was a Dark Hunter.


Early History

"Savage" was origionally a Toa of Earth serving in a local Toa Team. His team once battled the Visorak and he was captured. He was mutated by the venom of the Visorak but managed to escape from their clutches and return to his fellow Toa.
However, due to his mutation, they did not recognise him and thought he was a threat. When his team attacked him, his mutation grew with his rage and he lost his sanity as he fought back, injuring them and making him lose control.

Dark Hunters

The Shadowed One later approached "Savage" and convinced him that the other members of his team had in fact been jealous of him and that they had allowed him to be captured and mutated. Now filled with his new found rage against Toa, "Savage" joined the Dark Hunters and embarked on a number of missions.
However, as a side effect to his mutation, "Savage" would have a number of bursts of rage caused by the Hordika venom inside him.

Powers and Tools

"Savage" originally controlled the element of Earth, but, due to his mutation, he lost the mental concentration to allow him to access this ability and he was unable to use it.
However, to complensate this, "Savage" was fitted with a Tri-Claw, a Rocket Launcer and an artificial Paralysis Rhotuka Launcher.


  • "Savage" was made by C. J. Konopka.


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