"I think of him as a plague, striking the weak and making the strong even stronger."
The Shadowed One describing Shadow Stealer.
"Shadow Stealer"
Shadow Stealer
Group Dark Hunters, Hand of Artakha (formerly)
Kanohi None
Colors Black, grey
Element Shadow
Occupation Dark Hunter
Tools Blades
Status Alive
Pronunciation Sha-doe-stee-ler

"Shadow Stealer" is a Dark Hunter who used to be a Hand of Artakha member.


Hand of Artakha

In the early days of Shadow Stealer's life, long before the creation of the Toa, he served as a hero. He became a member of the Hand of Artakha and, when it was disbanded, a member of the Dark Hunters. He did this as he became jealous of the Toa as Mata Nui began to favor them.

Dark Hunters

Little is known about Shadow Stealer's involvement in the Dark Hunters but it has been confirmed he completed a mission, that would have been expected to take several years, in a number of days and attempted to return to confront The Shadowed One about something prior to Makuta Teridax taking control of the Matoran Universe.


  • Shadow Stealer was built by Aaron Cassity for the Bionicle:Dark Hunters competition in 2005.

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