"They were Lehvak, judging by their bright green color and the way they melted everything in their path by shooting acid out of their curved claws."
BIONICLE Chronicles 2: Beware the Bohrok
Acid shield
Acid Shield
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionProjecting corrosive acids
StatusNot currently in use

The Acid Shields were a pair of weapons that were primarily used by Bohrok Lehvak. Similarly to other weaponary used by the Bohrok, Acid Shields were given the simple function of focussing Elemental Energy through - with Acid being an exception to this rule.
When the Bohrok were awakened early and instructed to return Mata Nui with the Matoran still in residence, the Acid Shields were used to corrode through any targets opposing the Bohrok Swarm.
However, when the Bohrok returned to their dormant state after completing this task, the Acid Shields were deemed to no longer be in use.

Example Usage

Lehvak used their Acid Shields to corrode large areas of vegetation in Le-Wahi. This would have both gotten rid of any Plant Life that the Bohrok were ordered to destroy and affected the soil, preventing more plants from growing.

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