Amaja Circle
Amaja Circle
Primary Residents'
Former Residents
LocationMata Nui (Formerly, Destroyed)
Pronunciationam-a-ja Sir-kil

The Maja Circle was a circular used by the Turaga to tell stories.


Amaja Circles were used for telling stories using stones, the main story told was The Legend of Mata Nui. In that story Mata Nui was a smooth hit stone while Makuta was a Jagged Black Stone. In events the Amaja Circles were surrounded by Lightstones to make it look ore effective.

The largest Amaja Circle was found at Kini Nui. It was known by the name of Amaja-Nui. It was located to the end of a long path at the temple.

Before they returned when Takanuva beat Teridax, Vakama created a Amaja Circle on the shores of Mata Nui to tell the tales of Metru Nui to the Toa Nuva, Taka Nuva and Matoran.


  • In the first three BIONICLE movies the introduction was told at a Amaja Circle.


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