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Species One of a kind
Group None
Kanohi None
Colors Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Tools Tentacles
Location Skakdi Fortress
Status Alive
Pronunciation Zaa-ree-u

Annona was an ancient Entity who lived on Spherus Magna prior to the Great Beings.


Early Life

Annona began her life on Spherus Magna over 265,000 years ago. As she came into being before the Great Beings, the circumstances of her Creation are unclear. However, it is known that she was created in an era before the Great Beings' existance.

Arrival of the Great Beings

When the Great Beings appeared on Spherus Magna, Annona saw them as a threat to her as she did not understand them. Seeking to mark her territory, Annona attempted to use her Psionic powers to scare them. However, because the two species were so different, Annona was unable to understand how the minds of the Great Beings worked and was unable to influence one.


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