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Antroz's Box
Antroz Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8691
Number of Reviews4
ColorsRed and black
  • Shadow claws
  • Tridax Pod
AvailabilityLimited availabilty

Review 1

By Matoro1 I HAVE NO PULSE!!! Wait... thats my foot!!!


  • New Mask!
  • New Tools!
  • Great color sheme, red and black create contrast really well!
  • Tridax Pod


  • Wings go up too high
  • Nothing on Toa metru hip piece to make him seem more armoured
  • Too humanoid: I imagine Makuta as imortal beings, he looks a bit like a Toa!?!?!?!?!
  • No variation with knee cap or Limb pieces! They're both the same! It looks a bit unimaginative.
  • Not many new pieces.


Antroz is a very strange bionicle. He looks a lot like a Toa, which is the complete opposite of what he should look like and other than the clawed feet, there is nothing to really symbolize his evil! He looks very simple too!
7/10 He is better than good but I wouldn't really say great!

Review 2

By - KingDonfin You Seem familiar have I threatened you before!!! 17:45, 26 March 2009 (UTC)

Antroz is a feared Makuta, combine with his Shadow Matoran will anyone be able to stop him? Well first of all lets see if he survives the Reviews Test!!!


  • Cool New Mask
  • Cool New Tools
  • Lots of great colours
  • The Tridax pod rox
  • Ability to combine with a Matoran
  • Clawed Feet


  • Massive Wings
  • Head Wobbles
  • Not enough stuff on him
  • Not many new pieces
  • Annoying Body.


Antroz is a weird Bionicle. He is to simple and plain, I will give Antroz a 6/10.

Review 3

by --Makuta Mutran 09:34, August 2, 2010 (UTC)


  • Kanohi Jultin
  • Gargoyle-like appearance
  • Good color scheme
  • Great weapons
  • Newer body-style


  • The head wobbles
  • the wings are attached to the shoulders, making some arm movement ackward
  • The entire lower limbs are the same as the Piraka's (as far as pieces go)


Antroz is a good Bionicle. I will say 8/10

Review 4

By: -WaterLord 01:33, December 31, 2010 (UTC)


  • Good color scheme
  • Kanohi and wings makes him look like a bat
  • Good weapons
  • Eyes make a nice contrast against the dark red mask


  • Chest is hollow
  • Lacking red on legs


An very good set. 8/10

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