"Artakha stood in the shattered doorway, facing some of the most powerful beings in existence. His stance made it clear he was their equal, if not their superior."
— Narrator, Reign of Shadows
Species One-of-a-kind
Group None
Kanohi Mask of Creation
Colors Greenish-grey
Element None
Occupation Crafter
Tools Warhammer
Location Bota Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation Ar-TOCK-ah

Artakha was the "brother" of Karzahni and the ruler of the island that was named in his honor.


Early Life

The first known event that involved Artakha after his creation was his battle with Karzahni for the Mask of Creation. Artakha this battle and the mask was given to him to wear.

The two beings were later given lands to rule over in the Matoran Universe. Artakha intended to make his land a refuge for Matoran where they would be safe.

Teridax's Reign

As Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, the island of Artakha was attacked by Rahkshi. During hte invasion, Toa Lewa arrived on the island seeking help. Artakha managed to telport him to Tren Krom, who took over his body and walked freely to Metru-Nui. Tren Krom arrived at the Core Processor again, an argument broke about regarding the fate of the Matoran Universe.
Tren Krom allied with Tuyet and Lewa, who wanted to stop them from harming the Matoran Universe while Axonn, Helryx and Miserix wanting to destroy Teridax by damaging the equipment. A brief battle then took place until Artaka appeared to stopped the fighting and managed to swap Tren Krom and Lewa back.
However, this attracted the attention of Teridax and he teleported the entire group into orbit around Aqua Magna while he used the Mata Nui Robot to transport himself away.
Rather than suffocate, Lewa managed to create several Air pockets to sustain them until Vezon had them teleported to Bota Magna by using the Olmak that was fused to his head. The team then encountered the Great Being who had been cursed by the Kanohi Ignika.

Toa Empire Alternate Universe

In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Artakha retained the Great Kanoka disks and used them to forge the Vahi himself. He was then forced to hand it over to the Toa Empire but it was intercepted along the way by Toa Lesovikk.

Abilities and Traits

Artakha is at least 10 feet tall and covered in grey-green armor covered in ancient runes.

Artakha is also an incredibly skilled designer, able to make a variety of objects. He is also one of the few beings able to manipulate Protosteel. However, he is not used to or experienced with making viruses and Rahi. He can also create Toa, but only if Mata Nui or the Great Beings request it and supply the necessary materials.

Artakha possesses powerful telepathic abilities, able to breach Karda Nui and undo the powers of Tren Krom. He can also teleport himself and others to different locations, also able to bypass Karda Nui as well.

Mask and Tools

Artakha wears the Legendary Mask of Creation. Artakha does not typically carry weapons, using only tools for creating. However, when he teleported to Metru Nui, he took along a hammer from his forge to use a a weapon.


"Once we are there, my master will speak with you... or not... depending on his whim. He may open his fortress for the first time in millennia and welcome you in – or he may banish you forever without a second thought."
— A Matoran, Toa Nuva Blog
"The voice was indescribably ancient, and yet young at the same time. It came from everywhere around them--the fortress, the rocks, the trees, even the air itself."
— Narrator, Downfall
"You amuse a being who was already weary of life before you set foot on solid ground, Toa."
— Artakha to Kopaka, BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall
"None of us choose our destiny. And none of us can defy it."
— Artakha to Tren Krom, Reign of Shadows


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