Artakha (Location)
Primary ResidentsArtakha, Matoran, Crystal Serpents
Former Residents'
LocationSouth of Karzahni (location)
SizeKarzahni and Metru Nui,
exact location unknown
PronunciationKojol - Deceased

You may be looking for the Artakha (Being). Artakha, also called the Great Refuge, was an island governed by the being Artakha, and home to the world's best Matoran builders.


In Matoran legend it was said that good workers were sent to Artakha, a place where no evil could enter. Another legend stated that Artakha Bull were the only Rahi allowed to enter the realm, which was how they got their name. It was said that Artahka can be a paradise one moment, and a disasterous land the next, depending on how its ruler want the land presented. It is known that many important artifacts were made in Artakha; including the Kanohi Nuva, Great Kanoka, the Avohkii and the Kraahkan.

Artakha's brother, Karzahni, chose to rule the realm known as Karzahni, where damaged Matoran or poor workers were sent to be repaired.

Several thousand years prior to the Great Cataclysm, Kojol invaded the realm and stole the Mask of Light. After this, Artakha requested that the Order of Mata Nui destroy all records of the land's location. The Order complied, destroying maps with Artakha on them and killing anyone who knew its location, including the Makuta of Artakha. Over time, the land and its inhabitants faded into legend.

Recently, the Toa Nuva were allowed to enter the realm. While there, they told Artakha of their adventures, upon which he gave them new masks and armor that he had created, which had the power to adapt to any environment the Toa found themselves in. He then teleported them to Karda Nui, the Core of the Universe, telling them that it was there that they would find their destiny.


Artakha had not always been a place of legend and isolation. In fact, Artakha was formerly linked to a larger inhabitable island connected by a land-bridge, allowing visitors to cross and visit the residents of Artakha. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood of Makuta would eventually invade Artakha, and during the invasion, the Mask of Light was stolen. Since then, the island's ruler, Artakha demanded that all maps showing the island's location be destroyed and all who know the location of the land be killed. The land-bridge which connects to the larger island was also destroyed and since then, Artakha has been isolated from the world.

As part of their mission to prepare the world for Mata Nui's awakening, the Toa Nuva traveled back to Artakha, where they were created.

Artakha was a land of high-technology. It was filled with modern-landscapes, and many other cities, such as Metru Nui, were based on Artakha's design.


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