Mask of Hunger
Power(s)Let user drain energy, Light, or positive emotions
Notable Wearer(s)Vamprah (formerly)

The Kanohi Avsa is the Mask of Hunger. It allows the user to suck the energy, light or positive emotions from a target over a distance. The user will then absorb the energy removed from their target and use it to fuel themselves. This mask can be used to make lightless beings (like Shadow Matoran). The Avsa will place a mental barrier in targets that keeps their light from healing, although the drain must be complete first. A Klakk can break the barrier.

Example Usages

Great: Vamprah used his Avsa on Kopaka Nuva to drain his energy in Comic 12: Realm of Fear. Vamprah also used his mask to drain Radiak's light in BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky, turning him into a Shadow Matoran.

Known Wearers


  • Vamprah - Formerly wore shapeshifted version; now deceased.


  • Gavla (Powerless in shape of Noble)

Known Forms


  • The Avsa was not a mask Toa would wear, as they considered the power immoral.
  • The Avsa worn by Vamprah was created out of protosteel.
  • As a side-affect of being worn by shapeshifter, whenever Vamprah shapeshifted, his Avsa would change appearance with him.
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