Axalara T9
CGI Axalara T9 with Pilot Lewa
Axalara T9
User Lewa
Location The Codrex
Status Operational

The Axalara T9 was a vehicle created by Artakha before he built the Toa Mata. It was one of the T-Series and was hidden in the Codrex, which was placed in the Universe Core shortly after the creation of the Matoran Universe.



As were all of the T-Series Vehicles, the Axalara T9 was constructed by Artakha. Knowing of the part they would play in future events, the Creator of the Vehicles transported them to the Codrex, where they would be stored and protected from the Energy Storms.


When Toa Nuva arrived in the Codrex, the Jetrax T6 - Another of Artakha's vehicles that were left in the Codrex - was hijacked by Makuta Antroz. He waged a battle with Lewa and Pohatu who had the other two vehicles. As the two Toa chased the Makuta, the Rockoh T3 was damaged and ended up crashing. Lewa took this chance to attempt to drive the Axalara T9 into the Jetrax T6. Unfortunately, the Axalara T9's power-dive was cut short sue to Makuta Bitil's Magnetism Powers.
Comic Axalara T9 Discovery

Lewa finding the Axalara T9

As the Rockoh T3 returned to the battle, the two vehicles prepared to corner in the Jetrax T6 only to find Antroz had used his Teleportation Abilities to escape. Luckily, Toa Kopaka was able to use his Elemental Ice Powers to stop the two vehicles from colliding.
After Kopaka had regained control over the vehicle, the three Toa were able to battle the remaining Makuta until the other Toa were able to awaken Mata Nui using the Kanohi Ignika. The Toa then fled the Universe Core on the vehicles, escaping the subsequent Energy Storm.
Image-Axlara T9

Reign of Teridax

After escaping the second Energy Storm, the Toa flew the vehicles back to Metru Nui, where they were used to defend the island from a Rahkshi invasion. After managing to defend the city successfully, the Toa celebrated their victory only to find that Makuta Teridax had gained control over the Matoran Universe.
Some time after this, the Axalara T9 - Along with the other two T-Series Vehicles - was teleported back to Karda Nui by Artakha.


  • The Axalara T9 adapted Lewa to allow him to pilot the vehicle.

Set Infomation

  • The Axalara T9 was released in the summer of 2008.
  • The Axalara T9 contained 693 pieces, 657 of which were used to construct the Axalara T9.

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