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Review 1

By me, --BZ, Custom Slizer Wiki admin

Please note that since this is a movie review, it will be very long.


  • OMG animation. It went from pretty bad, skipped the Pixar/Dream Works step and went Michele Bay on us
  • Mata Nui sounds exactly like I would expect him to in real life
  • Nice battle scenes
  • Scopio and Skirmix sene is awesome
  • I like the fact that the Glatorian find elemental powers
  • This movie proved Lego had guts. They actually made Tuma's terrible build canon in that all the broken down looking anatomy
  • Intro was great


  • Scarab is dumb
  • Plot whole galore
  • Duplicated characters
  • Not enough characters
  • Ackar from the fire tribe has the element of fire and everything to do with him is flame and everyone is shocked that it is his element
  • No Marhi!
  • No Nuva!
  • No Toa at all!
  • What is that dumb giant scarab Mulum...thing at the end. It did nothing, just came out of the blue and did nothing. Um...

  • Why were the Skrall so animalistic?
  • Why did they have a hook at the end? I knew it wouldn't go any were as soon as I saw it
  • Kiina is a blank stereotype. A female with no character or personality at all that is tough from lego. That's new.
  • Were is god Mata Nui?
  • Were is Teridax? Were are the toa? We're is, Bionicle? The only thing that has to do with previous Bionicle is Mata Nui and he was just a mask in distress the entire series. I wish Takanuva was the protagonist, I mean it involved a prophecy and what not, he should be the protagonist! Why does Bionicle never keep consistency with the main characters? They're always changing and switching around! There is the Damsel (Mata Nui), the Dragon (Makuta) aren't you missing something crucial? The most important part? The KNIGHT! Not the failing army who keeps switching around and dying!

Over All

Though I attacked the movie, the animation makes it up, most of the characters are fun and what you expect from Bionicle, and I have never seen a movie which said "Some of our sets are terrible, don't buy them". This is by far the best Bionicle movie and I suggest you check it out. 9/10

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