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Tale of the Toa
BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa Reviews
Review Information
NameTale of the Toa
Year Published2003
Book Number1
Number of Reviews2
AuthorCathy Hapka
Previous BookNone
Next BookBIONICLE Chronicles 2: Beware the Bohrok
Number of Pages'
AvailabilityNot aviable

Review 1

By SlizerLord

Personally, this was one of the two best Bionicle novels (the other being 'Time Trap). It has a definite 'beginning of the adventure' feel to it, yet it doesn't leave with a lousy ending.

While it is not as substantial a novel as I'm used to reading, it was certainly an enjoyable ride.

Relative to other Bionicle Novels, this one feels the most disconnected: the feel is more fantasy fiction, where the later stories took on a science fiction style. It is also the most contained, not requiring the sequels to be its own story (though these later novels help explain a lot of things, and break up the 'mystical' content with technological explanations).

Review 2

By Gravityhurts

This book was what started it all. Without the great reception that this book got, Bionicle might not be alive the way it still is today, and it might not have the fanbase that it does. This helped launch the entire Bionicle franchise, and after three books, we got the writer who is responsible for just how huge this franchise became. You see? If it were not for the success of this book, Bionicle might have never made Greg Farshtey its head writer. Without Greg as the head writer, the franchise wouldn't have lasted for nearly as long as it did. So, Cathy Hapka, thank you. Thank you so much. You launched my childhood.

I realize that I kind of went off on a tangeant, so I apologize for that. Buy this book. It is good.

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