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Beware the Bohrok
BIONICLE Chronicles 2: Beware the Bohrok Reviews
Review Information
NameBeware the Bohrok
Year Published2003
Book Number2
Number of Reviews1
ColoursLight Blue
AuthorCathy Hapka
Previous BookBIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa
Next BookBIONICLE Chronicles 3: Makuta's Revenge
Number of Pages101
AvailabilityNot aviable

Review 1

By --Barça 6 cups in one year! Barça 18:26, April 10, 2010 (UTC)


  • The appareance of the bohrok is cool.
  • Good to know how the Toa Mata's characters evolve since they arrived at the island.
  • Has some nice fight scenes.
  • The part in which Lewa is infected by the Krana is good!
  • The reaction of Tahu to Lewa's infection is well written.
  • The trip to the Bohrok nest and the final fight with the Bahrag is good.


  • Too short for the price you pay. For the same price you get a book that is three times bigger.
  • Many things in the book are considered non-cannon, like the scene in which the Toa are transformed by energized protodermis.
  • Her style isn't as good as GregF's, in my opinion.
  • Fails to give the apocalyptic feeling that the comics gave about the Bohrok War.


This isn't a bad book. If you love the Mata Nui era, and the Toa Mata, buy it. If not, try gettin any other book written by Greg Farshtey. The price is a bit off, and I think that for a bit more of money you can get longer and better books, like those of the Foundation Series. I give the book a 7/10. --Barça 6 cups in one year! Barça 18:26, April 10, 2010 (UTC)

Review 2

By Gravityhurts


  • You get more in depth with the characters
  • The Bahrag battle scene is awesome
  • When all of Le-Koro is controlled by the Krana


  • It doesn't feel like end of days as much as it probably should
  • Lots of stuff in this book wasn't canon


Overall this is a great book. My favorite part was when Onua is just talking to infected Lewa, and the kind of split personality type thing going on with him. In terms of dialogue, I feel that that is one of the best written scenes in the entire series, and not just BIONICLE Chronicles. I mean Chronicles, Adventures, and Legends. Thank you Cathy. BIONICLE Chronicles 2: Beware of the Bohrok gets an 8/10.

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