AOSR Great Spirit Robot Construction "Please excuse our appearance, while we're constructing"

Why not give the Matoran labourers a break and lend a hand?

""Do not take this task lightly, Toa Nuva. The stars are there for all to see, including those with evil intent. There are some who would not weep at Mata Nui's passing ... And others who simply wish to posses the awesome power of that mask. If they should reach it's hiding place before you ...""
— Turaga Dume taking to the Toa Nuva
BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom
Island o' Doom
Author Greg Farshtey
Series BIONICLE Legends
Year Prublsihed 2006
Number in Series 1
Previous Book cornflowerblue
Next Book silver

BIONICLE Legends 1: Island of Doom was the first BIONICLE novel in the BIONICLE Legends Saga. It detailed both the actions of the Toa Nuva on Metru-Nui as well as the actions taken by the Piraka and Voya Nui Resistance Team on Voya Nui.

The novel marked the beginning of the race for the Kanohi Ignika.


All around the Toa Nuva Matoran were at work re-building Metru Nui, there once great home. Turaga Dume ordered to have an immediate conference. Turaga Dume revealed to the Toa that Mata Nui was not only asleep, he was dieing. The Toa Nuva wished for proof so Dume and Nuju showed them. Turaga Dume showed them the passage to the stars. The Toa wanted to know what ot do and there was one solution. Find the Kanohi Mask of Life. Turaga Dume told them that this would not be like their past experiences. Dume told Tahu that Takanuva could not go, it was his destiny to stay in Metru Nui.

Garan was walking across the barren landscape searching for water. his gaze went out to the sea and bobbing in it was a canister. Thok, a "Toa", emerged from the canister with a smile. Thok just waved his hand at a Visorak and a shrub near it came to life and killed the Visorak.

Reidak smashed his canister open because it wouldn't by itself.

While Balta was searching for food he found an open Canister. He found foot prints and followed them. He caught up with Hakann. Hakann presented himself as Toa Hakkan. Hakann then killed a Kikanalo.

Piruk was running from Zaktan. But the Piraka followed. Piruk managed to get away from the "Toa".

Avak was angry at Vezok whom was meant to be helping him. His canister had malfunctioned along the way. He knew it had been Hakann.

Chapter 2 Storyline

Turaga Dume was leading the Toa through the Archives. They made their way to a room that had been made by Turaga Dume. He showed the Toa the room but they saw the Canisters first. After much argument the Toa went into the Canisters and started for Voya Nui,

Balta was watching "Toa Avak". Balta asked him what he was making. The "Toa" told him it was a tool that would help them. The Matoran kept asking questions so Avak put him in a cage using his powers.

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