"I have to get to the other villages. I have to warn them, before the shadow is all that's left of this land."
— Tanma in BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky
BIONICLE Legends 9: Shadows in the Sky
BIONICLE Legends 9 Cover
Author Greg Farshtey
Series BIONICLE Legends
Year Prublsihed April 1st, 2008
Number in Series 9
Previous Book Green
Next Book orange

This book focuses on the Toa Nuva's arrival in Karda Nui. It is the ninth book in the Bionicle Legends series and was released in early April 2008.

Story Summery

One Week before Matoro uses the Kanohi Ignika.

It was Tanma and Gavla's job to adjust the Scare Rahi. Tanma and Gavla went in different directions and Tanma saw a large black figure fly to where Gavla was.

Tanma's old friend had been mutated into a Shadow Matoran. She was the First Av-Matoran to become a Shadow Matoran. Gavla then tried to get Tanma turned into a Shadow Matoran but failed. The two fired blasts of light and shadow at each other. Tanma saw that the hole village had been taken over and the others were Shadow Matoran. Tanma got away and vowed to save the land from the shadow.

The Two Makuta Chirox and Antroz had taken over all of the Matoran settlements except one. The Makuta saw Vamprah diving at the village and the other two Makuta joined him.

Radiak was running from building to building but he never heard Vamprah closing in and the Makuta dropped a Shadow Leech and Radiak was the Brotherhoods.

Tanma noticed a white figure falling down a waterfall and then there was an explosion of light. The Three Makuta were blinded but Tanma warned the other Matoran and they all blocked there eyes.

Since the Makuta were blind the Matoran could emerge and the Makuta would not know. Each Makuta was to have a Shadow Matoran on their back and they would act as the Makuta's "eyes". Tanma and Photok were running from the Makuta. The two Av-Matoran stopped because 6 Powerful figures were in front of them.

Pohatu attacked the Makuta and Kopaka followed. Lewa was happy with the new environment.

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