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Baranus V7
Baranus V7 Reviews
Review Information
NameBaranus V7
Set Number'
Number of Reviews3
Colorssilver, grey, green, black and orange
  • Thornax Launcher
  • Sahmad's whip
  • Blades

Review 1

Vnolg calixJollunVnolg calix


  • Includes Sahmad and Spikit
  • Looks like a chariot.
  • Thornax Launcher
  • Spikits head is double sided.


  • Spikit's electro blade shoulders are annoying.
  • Two heads is confussing
  • No tail
  • Hard to pose
  • No handle bars or a place for Sahmad to hold the reins.

Sum up


Review 2

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!



  • A few new pieces that are good for MOCing or are new. (e.g. Helmet, arms, whip, or black Mantax Pincher)


  • Spikit heads are good for MOCing and there are two of them.
  • Lot's of gunmetal pieces for some reason. They look metallic and represents Sahmad's Tribe.
  • The wheels are spiky and two Matoro-Mahri-Twin-Cutters stick out to give a rough, jagged effect. Plus the chain makes it look more sinister.
  • The Spikit has a tail. (:-D) The fact is it short could represent a mark of captivity or a branding, which again creates a sinister image.
  • Lots of footspace: Sahmad has lots of room to stand and it makes him appear more dominent over the Spikit.



  • Feet: They don't really match the average Agori and stick out. They remind me how I cannot consider him as one of them and it goes out of his color scheme.
  • Either the head should have been a different color or the helmet should have covered more of his face. It looks like somebody's put a bag on his head and cut a hole out for his face.
  • He has a bad color scheme: The orange and black is and the grey hands are stretching it a bit but then Lego adds the silver feet and weapons. It ruins the color scheme.


  • There are a lot of colors to both in the Spikit. It looks unprofessional and takes your eye off the complex body design.
  • The Spikit don't exactly look like they could even pose a threat to a Skrall, let alone devour one.
  • There isn't much room between the Spikit and BaranusV7. If the chain was longer then they wouldn't be crashing into each other.


The Baranus V7 is generally a good set. I enjoyed it and I like how it symbolises Sahmad's personality.
8/10 It's a good set but I'd get the Kaxium V3 first. ;-P

Review 3

by Baterra1202


  • It's a chariot.
  • Cool gunmetal color scheme on the chariot.
  • Chain
  • Sinister
  • Sahmad
  • Bladed thornax launcher for Sahmad
  • The Spikit has two heads and a cool color scheme
  • Green, orange and gunmetal go well together
  • Worth the price
  • Sahmad has a life counter
  • Whip
  • Excellent MOCing pieces
  • Cool wheels


  • Baranus does not have a life counter
  • Spikit does not have a life counter
  • Needs some other weapon besides Sahmads'


Oh yeah, it's worth it. Everything has to be considered, but it's a good set. My second favorite vehicle, next to Skopio, but not perfect. 9/10. Buy it.

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