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180px-CGI Berix
Berix Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8975
Number of Reviews6
ToolsSword and sheild
AvailabilityWidely available

Review 1


The blue agori of the water tribe.Now let's see if he makes a good set. Shall we.


  1. Cool new head piece
  2. Detailed Mask
  3. Blue Tahu Sword!!!!!
  4. More Light Blue
  5. New Hand Pieces
  6. Gold Brutaka knives
  7. Dark Blue Toa mata feet.


  1. Av-Toran build again
  2. 90 degree angle limbs
  3. Price
  4. Same packaging as last years sets


I give him a 9/10. Worth $7.00. Well go buy him!

Review 2

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • New pieces: Create a weird yet effective color scheme. I like the light blue and normal blue being used with the trans-green head piece and the dark blue feet are better for MOCing.
  • Sword: It looks cool as a recolor. You would never expect to see a blue flame sword and that makes it original.
  • Helmet: Very original and I like the way that the back of it looks like a flame. Very suggestive. :D


  • Shield: If the Flame Sword has ben recolored then why not the shield too? It stands out annoyingly in Gold.Plus it seems a little unprofessional, as if it were stuck on at the last minute.
  • Pipe: Isn't actually needed and becomes unrealistic when you try to actually imagine how bionicles look like people. I mean, who walks around with a pipe sticking out of their back? He doesn't even use it in the movie and he wouldn't need it in a desert.


I would recommend Berix to any Matoran/Agori fans and would say he has earned a 9/10 at least! He is my favourite Agori set of the year, (Aside from Kirbraz) and I think he is just about the best character of 2009!

Review 3

By:Atukamakirk 2.9


  • Elemental like helmet that fits good with him
  • Great color scheme
  • Dark blue Toa Mata feet
  • Light blue Toa Tahu sword
  • Toa Mahri pipe connecting to his sword
  • Recolored Av-Matoran torso in blue


  • Bad posability in both arms and legs
  • Shield design is not inventive
  • Hands are too big
  • Over priced
  • Too simple


It's not really worth your money. If you're a huge BIONICLE collector or fan, I would recomend this. I would give him a 6/10 because of being too simple and not being too inventive.

Review 4

By: User:Kingdonfin

Berix is a Water version of Raanu if you ask me, his shield is a strange thing because it does not look like a shield, the water flame shows emotion and feeling and that is cool.


  • Cool Water Sword
  • Cool Face
  • Nice Build
  • Easy to position
  • New Hands


  • Shield?
  • $15.00 (NZD]
  • Old Parts


Well Berix is a keeper, 9/10, Atakus is better but I like Berix as well.

Review 5

BY Master Gresh 20:01, 19 February 2009 (UTC)


1 Nice head

2 Nice Helmont

3 Nice Hands

4 Nice Colors


Shield breaks easily


He's the best Agori and his rating is 10/10

Review 6


  • Cool Helmet
  • New/recolored pieces!
  • Hands!
  • Cool build!


  • Gold sheild messes up colors
  • Pipe is not needed
  • Price!

Sum up

Berix is a really cool agori, my favourite one set-wise

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