Black Spike zone Comic 5
Black Spike Mountains
Primary ResidentsSkrall, Baterra
Former Residents'
LocationNorth of Bara Magna

The Black Spike Mountains is a mountain range north of Bara Magna.


The Black Spike Mountains were once a part of Spherus Magna. After The Shattering, the Skrall that were trapped in Bara Magna took control over these mountains, claiming them their territory. The Skrall lived there for thousands of years, until the Baterra, robots created by the Great Beings with the ability to shapeshift, started to attack them. The first Skrall to see a Baterra and return alive was Branar, who recieved his name for that. After some time, many Skrall had been killed, and only one of the leader class, Tuma remained alive. Tuma was forced to move the Skrall south, and occupied the village of Roxtus, and they left the Sisters of the Skrall behind.

Some time before the Battle of Roxuts, Tuma and Stronius traveled to the mountains to search to seek an alliance with the Sisters of the Skrall in order to defeat the Baterra. However, the Sisters of the Skrall nearly killed them, and when they returned, they were attacked by Baterra, which injured Tuma. They were saved by Metus, who took their weapons from them.

Black Spike Mountains

The Black Spike Mountains

After the Rock Tribe was defeated and scattered, Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina and Berix went to the Black Spike Mountains in search of the Valley of the Maze. However, during their voyage, they were attacked by a troop of Skrall. They drove the Skrall out, but Berix was injured by a Thornax, and after that Mata Nui decided to go alone to the Valley of the Maze.

Later, during Mata Nui's fight with Teridax, a laser bolt was fired, and it struck the peak of one of the mountains, which melted due to the extreme heat. Some other mountains were curshed when Teridax fell after his death.

The Black Spike Mountains became a part of Spherus Magna again when Bota Magna and Aqua Magna were merged with Bara Magna.


Skull Mountain

A mountain shaped like a skull, also this is the location of Roxtus.

Dark Falls

A waterfall that is a part of the Skrall River.

Gatherer's hideout

A refuge for the Bone Hunters.


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