A Boat was a method of transport that was commonly used on Water in the Matoran Universe.

Boats in the Matoran Universe

Mata Nui


A Mata Nui type boat.

Boats were a common method of transport on Mata Nui. Ga-Matoran would commonly hold the Ngalawa Boat Racing Contest in Ga-Wahi.
Also, during the Bohrok invasion of Ga-Koro, boats were used to transport Po-Matoran to the water village to help defend it from the Bohrok.

BOA Po-Koro in Boats

Po-Matoran on boats in the Bohrok invasion of Ga-Koro.

The Matoran of Mata Nui also constructed several boats for their journey back to Metru Nui.

Stelt Boats

As Stelt was famous for its trade, boats were common with the many ports on the island. Members of Sidorak's Species were known to sell several boats to off island traders. A trader once sold a boat to the Federation of Fear Strike team in exchange for Roodaka. He was then knocked out and the boat was stolen.

This particular boat had several Kanoka Disk Launchers mounted to it.


The Zyglak were also known to utilise boats. This was shown when an army of Zyglak atacked the Federation of Fear Strike Team after they left Stelt. However, these Zyglak were loyal to Makuta Spiriah and aided in his mutiny against Brutaka.
Spiriah then ordered them to attack Zakaz and slay his failed experiments known as the Skakdi. However, the ships were attacked by armies of Ehlek's Species and their boats were destroyed.

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