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Species Visorak
Colors Blue
Tools Rhotuka
Status Active
Pronunciation Boe-gar-rack

The Boggarak were a species of blue Visorak.



Like all other types of Visorak, the Boggarak were created by Makuta Chirox while he conducted a number of Rahi-Related experiments, that were conducted using viruses and Energized Protodermis. After created an army of the spiders, the Makuta unleashed them on the island's inhabitants, killing the majority of them and destroying their settlement. Following this event, the island was renamed 'Visorak' due to the species being created there.


Chirox then began to use his new army for the benefit of the Brotherhood of Makuta. When the Visorak Horde was organised, the Boggarak were integrated into it under the rule of Sidorak and Roodaka.
When Makuta Teridax was imprisoned in a 'Toa Seal', and was encased in Protodermis, he summoned the Horde to attack the city. The Visorak Armies were mobilized and arrived in the city in time to invade it and capture the Toa Metru as they returned.

Set Information

The Boggarak set was released in early 2005 as one of the six breeds of Visorak. The set contained two Rhotuka Spinners. The Boggarak were released as item 8743.

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