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Bohrok-Kal Nuva Cube
Bohrok-Kal Information
Species AffliationBohrok-Kal
AlliesKrana-Kal, Bohrok, Bohrok Va, Bahrag
EnemiesAnything that obstructs their mission
HomelandBohrok Nest
GoalTo free the Bahrag

The Bohrok-Kal were an elite squad of Bohrok which were to free the Bahrag if they ever were imprisoned. They were the main antagonists of the first half of the 2003 storyline.


The Bohrok-Kal were Bohrok that were transformed by a mutagenic substance. They went into a status mode until needed. They were awakened after the Toa Mata's defeat of the Bahrag. They stole the Nuva Symbols from the Toa Nuva to strip them of their elemental powers. They continued their search for the Sisters until they finally discovered their location, and attempted to free them by using the Nuva Symbols to break the Toa Seal on their Protodermis cage. The Toa Nuva arrived as they were doing so, and connected to their own Nuva Symbol, and fed energy to the Bohrok-Kal. The sheer quantity of power proved too much for the Kal to handle, and each Bohrok-Kal's lost control of its power, and were destroyed by it.


The Bohrok-Kal carried Krana-Kal in their head plates, but were not driven by them. They possessed the ability to think independently. They also gained the ability to control different elements than they had as Bohrok.

The squad consisted of:

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