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The Bohrok are coming! And this article is a Stub! You must improve it before the Bohrok Swarms destroy it!

"They are smaller, quicker creatures that act as scouts and couriers."
Vakama, Beware the Bohrok
Bohrok Va
Bohrok Va
Bohrok Va Information
Species AffliationBohrok Va
AlliesKrana, Bohrok , Toa, Matoran
EnemiesAnything that obstaculizes the Bohrok's task
LeaderThe Bahrag
HomelandBohrok Nest
GoalTo "clense" Mata Nui (Achieved)

Bohrok Va are scouts for the Bohrok swarms. Unlike Bohrok, they are not controlled by Krana, though they still obey the Bahrag queens.


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There were six types of Bohrok Va--one for each Bohrok type. Each breed shares physical characteristics with its corresponding Bohrok. However, they do not control any Elemental Powers.


Bohrok Va can merge and form Kaita, like Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal.


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