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Makuta Species
Brotherhood of Makuta
Brotherhood of Makuta Information
Species AffliationMakuta
AlliesRahkshi, Exo-Toa, Visorak, Shadow Matoran
EnemiesToa, Matoran, Turaga, Dark Hunters, Order of Mata Nui, League of Six Kingdoms
LeaderMiserix (First, Formerly), Teridax(Formerly)
HomelandDestral (Formerly)
GoalControl the Matoran Universe

The Brotherhood of Makuta was an organization consisting of the Makuta Species. It was created by Mata-Nui to create Rahi to populate the Matoran Universe and to watch over the Universe for him. It was led by Makuta Miserix until Makuta Teridax, the second in command, ordered a convocation of Miserix, claiming leadership and banishing Miserix. Teridax then formulated a Plan to take over the Matoran Universe.

Former Leaders

  • Teridax (Disbanded the Brotherhood after taking control of the Matoran Universe, Deceased)
  • Miserix (Overthrowed, alive)

Former Members

  • Icarax, Makuta of Karzahni (Deceassed)
  • Antroz, the Brotherhood's lietuenant after Miserix's imprisonment (Deceassed)
  • Vamprah (Deceassed)
  • Chirox (Deceassed)
  • Mutran (Deceassed)
  • Krika (Deceassed)
  • Gorast (Deceassed)
  • Bitil (Deceassed)
  • Tridax (Deceassed)
  • Kojol (Deceassed)
  • A Makuta absorbed by Miserix (Deceassed)
  • A number of Makuta killed for voting for Miserix in his convocation (Deceassed)
  • A Makuta killed by Zaria (Deceased)
  • Spiriah (Rouge, Deceassed)
BoM symbol

The Brotherhood symbol

Former Servents


Bitil, a member of the Brotherhood

Brotherhood of Makuta (v

Former leaders: Teridax • Miserix

Former Members: (All Deceassed) Vamprah  • Antroz  • Gorast  • Krika  • Chirox  • Bitil  • Mutran  • Icarax  • Kojol  • Tridax

Former Servants and Allies: Sidorak (Deceassed)  • Rahkshi  • Visorak  • Exo-Toa  • Roodaka  • Brutaka  • Toa Hagah  • Ahkmou  • Shadow Matoran  • Pridak

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