Ce-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Psionics
Preferred LocationsNone

Ce-Matoran were Matoran that had a miniscule amount of Psionics elemental power in them, which gave them a natural shield against invasion of the mind. Ce-Matoran were female, and usually wore blue and gold armor.

Helryx studied the Ce-Matoran in order to learn how to replicate their mental shielding. After unlocking this secret, Helryx shared this with the other members of the Order of Mata Nui.

Known Ce-Matoran

  • A group of Ce-Matoran whom Helryx studied - Statuses Unknown
  • Varian - Formerly; now a Toa
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Av-Matoran  • Shadow Matoran  • Fe-Matoran  • Ce-Matoran  • Su-Matoran  • De-Matoran  • Ba-Matoran  • Vo-Matoran  • Matoran of Magnetism  • Matoran of Plant Life

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