Comic Cendox
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionTransport, arena combat
StatusIn use

The Cendox was a model of Vehicle. It was used for Arena combat.


Cendox V1

CGI Cendox V1

The Cendox V1 as a set

An Agori from the Fire Tribe named Crotesius found the Cendox V1 and claimed it as his own. He used it in the Arena for fighting. He customized it with spare parts that the Fire tribe won after some battles with the Jungle Tribe and the Water Tribe. He grew attached to his Cendox and started to treat it as if it were alive.

Cendox in Comic

Cendox V1 in the Comics


The Cendox had a Thornax Launcher and a Thornax fruit for defensive and offensive purposes. It had two blades at the front that help with steering and going through sand.

Set Information

Cendox V1 was released as a vehicle set in the last half of 2009. It contains 151 pieces, 136 of which are used for the Thornax launcher and Crotesius.


  • The term 'Cendox V1' mean 'Serpant Strike' in the Agori language.
Bara Magna Transportation(v|e)
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