Certavus' Death
396px-Set Glatorian Certavus

Vital statistics
Witnesses Presumably None
Date Between 100,000 Years Ago and One Year Ago
  • Certavus Dies
  • Strakk takes his place
  • Gelu takes Strakk's place
Cause Natural Causes

Certavus' Death was a minor event that occurred some time ago.



As the exact date of Certavus' Death remains unknown, the Glatorian's Passing could only have taken place between 100,000 Years Ago and Before One Year Ago.
The fact that Certavus died of natural causes also indicates that he was not murdered, attacked, and that there would be no witnesses to his passing.


As a result of Certavus dying, his place was left vacant as the Ice Tribe's Prime Glatorian. Eager to misuse any profit that would come of the position, Glatorian Strakk quickly took the position.

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