The Fall of Atero Cover
Comic 2: The Fall of Atero
Comic Information
Outside/Alt TitleDay of the Skrall
AuthorGreg Farshtey
IllustratorPop Mhan

Fall of Atero was the name of the second 2009 Bionicle comic. It was written by Greg Farshtey


The Story begins with Strakk and Tarix having a practice match. Tarix manages to defeat Strakk in this match.
The story then turns to Gresh, who is practicing his combat moves when Malum appears with three Vorox. Malum warns him of 'a Storm' which will come and kill everyone. Gresh does not trust him and beleives Malum is just trying to scare him.
The narrative then returns to the Atero arena. While Strakk and Tarix are having their real match, Raanu, Berix and Metus notice the absence of the Skrall. They decide to investigate and notice the Skrall are about to attack Atero. They quickly raise an alarm and help the other Agori escape while the Glatorian fight off the Skrall. Raanu is saved by Gresh as a Skrall tries to sneak up on him but they are forced to flee.
Gresh, Tarix, Strakk, Raanu, Berix and Metus later regroup in a cave. Tarix admits that they need help against the Skrall before they concore all of Bara Magna...


  • Tarix
  • Gresh
  • Strakk
  • Raanu
  • Berix
  • Metus
  • Malum
  • Three Vorox who accompanied Malum
  • The army of Skrall
  • At least six Glatorian who were killed - (Mentioned)
  • Agori from the Ice, Water, Jungle and Fire Tribes who are scattered across the desert.


  • Strakk quotes "As soon as the Skrall show up, they'll stomp on us... just like they did last year." This statement is infact false as Tarix was the winner of last year's arena match.
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