Comic 6: All that Glitters
Comic Information
Outside/Alt TitleNone
AuthorGreg Farshtey
IllustratorPop Mhan

All that Glitters was the sixth comic in the Glatorian comic-series.


The comic began with Gresh as he was caught in an explosion created by Teridax. He then remember how things got so bad in a flashback. The flashback starts when Mata Nui, returns from his trip to the Valley of the Maze, with a box that contains the power source that will help him to accomplish his mission. After a short argument with Raanu, he allows Mata Nui to evacuate every agori out of the village, and Mata Nui goes to the head. Once there, he takes off the Ignika, and his body is reduced to sand. Mata Nui's spirit enters at the robot's core processor, and he uses the power source to take control of it. The Prototype Robot rises from the sand, and Mata Nui starts to pull Bota Magna and Aqua Magna together. However, the Prototype Robot alone is too weak to carry the process. Teridax then arrives, and starts to fight Mata Nui, who morally can't attack Teriax's body, as it would mean harming the Matoran's Universe.

Gresh, seeing that Mata Nui has trouble fighting Teridax, comes up with a plan. He convinces the other Glatorian to attack Teridax with Thornax, to distract him. The thornax don't harm Teridax, but distract him long enough for Gresh to carry out his plan.

At the same time, some rouge Skrall, watch the two giant robots battle. Deciding that Teridax wouldn't kill their chances to take revenge on the Glatorian, they consider taking part on the chaotic battle.

Gresh finally finds an opening to the Matoran Universe, but when he was going to open it, an army of Heat Vision Rahkshi emerges and begins to attack the Glatorian. Takanuva exits short time after through the same hatch, only to be attacked by Gresh, who believed Takanuva to be another invader. Then Takanuva starts to fight back. Later Tahu comes out and convinces them that they must unite to aid Mata Nui against Teridax.

With the Glatorian busy with the Rahkshi and Mata Nui unable to defeat him, Teridax claims Bara Magna to be his.


All that glitters

Two Matoran during the earthquakes

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