Cordak Blaster
Cordak Blaster
Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Toa Mahri
StatusSome in use

The Cordak Blasters were weapons used by several beings.


The Weapon was origionally created on Xia off the designs of Hydraxon, and named 'Cordak' as it was the Matoran word for 'Desolation'.
Hydraxon intended for them to be used by the Maxilos Robots of The Pit. However, during the Great Cataclysm, Hydraxon was killed and his weapons stash was looted by the Barraki. The Toa Mahri later came across the Barraki's loot and took the Cordak Blasters as their own.

Set information

  • The Cordak Blasters were one piece and could be loaded with six red Cordak Missiles.


Toa Mahri


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