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Core War art
Core War
Core War Information
WitnessesThe inhabitants of Spherus Magna
  • A large number of Glatorian and Agori were killed
  • The draining of Energized Protodermis led to The Shattering
OcurrencesPrior to the shattering

The Core War was a massive conflict 100,000 years ago when Energized Protodermis was found on Spherus Magna.


The Discovery of the Energized Protodermis

The Core War was sparked when an amount of Energized Protodermis reached the surface of Spherus Magna in an area of the Northern Frost and was found in the Elemental Lord of Ice's area. The substance amazed the Agori who found it and they quickly began to use it for their own gain.
However, word of the substance's discovery soon reached the other Elemental Lords and they began to argue over it.
When the Great Beings learnt of the substance and its strange properties, they quickly adapted to using it in their experiments.

Preparation for Warfare

As the relations between the Elemental Lords worsened, they assembled their own armies by using Glatorian soldiers and Agori.

During the War

The Elemental Lord of Ice's army managed to retain the mass of the Energized Protodermis for most of the war, but towards the end of the war, the Elemental Lord of Fire's army had claimed most of it.

The Shattering

The Elemental Lord of Fire's army would have won, had the Shattering not occurred as a result of mining for more Energized Protodermis. The planet broke into three pieces, one with the Great Beings on, on with nothing, and one which trapped the Elemental Lords and their armies. This planet was Bara Magna.


The Shattering


  • Gresh did not fight in the Core War because he was too young at the time.

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