Creatures are the beings that make up the wildlife of Spherus Magna. Unlike Rahi, creatures from Spherus Magna are mainly organic. They are non-sapient beings.



  • Dune Snakes - Dune Snakes were dangerous creatures which roamed the wastelands. They lived and nested under the sand. They usually hunted in large numbers, and were known to have extremely poisonous fangs, which could kill in seconds.
  • Dune Wolf- Dune Wolfs were creatures mentioned by Tarduk in Riddle of the Great Beings who were native to Bara Magna and probably lived in sand dunes.





  • Wasteland Wolf - The Wasteland Wolves are a species that lives in the Wastelands of Bara Magna. Thier paws have evolved so that they can travel on the sand dunes. They are also very good trackers.

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