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Dalu Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8726
Number of Reviews1
  • Dark blue
  • Silver
ToolsPower Chargers
AvailabilityNo longer available

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • New, unused structure design. It has still to this day only been used once and makes her seem a little unique.
  • Effective use of silver to match the color of her tools. I hate silver tools! (And Toa Metru legs!)
  • Muscular arms and legs, makes her look stronger.


  • NOT A SINGLE NEW PIECE! That is just pathetic!
  • Too much grey. LEGO could have recolored the grey parts dark blue to match her hands! In fact, that piece was already released in 2005 With the playsets and Visorak Boggarak! HMM!
  • She looks a bit... round. That makes her seem fat and the fact that she's the only female seems a bit sexist! That doesn't exactly get a good message across to potential female LEGO collectors who may become Bionicle fans.
    My little sister spotted all that! (Credit to her!)


In conclusion, I think Dalu is quite symbolic. She symbolises in good and bad ways. She spreads a message that females are either stronger than most males, or that they are fatter. I think this set is actually trying to say something.
5/10 She's a good set but I think it's best to think of her from only that perspective.

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