"Very sensitive to noise, so they train themselves from early on to not make any more than is necessary. On the plus side, their hearing is so acute that they are probably listening to every word we say ... and would be even if we were a kio away."
Jerbraz to Mazeka, Brothers in Arms

De-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Sonics
Preferred LocationsQuite Regions

The De-Matoran are the Matoran of Sonics.


The De-Matoran like any other Matoran have inactive elemental powers. The fact that they are Matoran of Sonics give them the ability of having very acute hearing. The De-Matoran like nice and quite places and dislike it when Toa come because they usually bring battles which means noise. That is also weakness of theirs.

The De-Matoran have gray masks and yellow eyes.


The De-Matoran are located in the village of De-Koro on the Tren Krom Peninsula. They have not been seen anywhere else.

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