The Dreaming Plague was a disease that greatly effected members of the Iron Tribe.


The plague spread quickly and left most villagers to die as raving lunatics. However, several members of the tribe, such as Sahmad or Telluris, were immune to the disease and started their lives anew in the Wastelands.
Recently, Metus, a former Agori of the Ice Tribe, claimed to be unable to dream, which started Sahmad nad Telluris off on a mission to find out what caused the Plague.


In the early stages of the disease a victm would lose the focus due to disturbed dream patterns. Following this, the victim would lose the ability to dream altogether until the victims became violent and began to lose their grip of sanity.


Iron Tribe

  • A female Agori who Sahmad had a relationship with.
  • The majority of the Agori in the Tribe.

Ice Tribe

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