Fe-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Iron
Preferred LocationsIndustrial regions

Fe-Matoran were Matoran under the element of Iron.
They had inactive Elemental Powers, which granted them a greater physical endurance than other Matoran types. All the Fe-Matoran had gunmetal gray and burnt orange armor.
The only island known to have a significant population of Fe-Matoran was Nynrah. However, other islands employed and sustained smaller numbers of Fe-Matoran. They could also be found on Industrial Regions.

Known Fe-Matoran

Known Locations of Residence

  • Nynrah - Primary Location; Formerly
  • Stelt - Formerly
  • A village where Gaardus was mutated - Formerly
  • Spherus Magna - Currently


  • Following the evolution of the Makuta, the Brotherhood began to hide their Antidermis in Protosteel Armor. The problem with this was that it left them vulnerable to Toa of Iron and Magnetism, who could damage their armor and force their Antidermis to seep out. This led to the Brotherhood hunting down and killing the majority of the Toa of Iron, resulting in only a few remaining.
  • All Matoran of Iron are male and are usually colored Grey and Burnt Orange.
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