Biographical Information
ColorsBlack, Orange, White
Species StatusAlive

Fikou were Rahi tree spiders. They're commonly orange, but there are also black or blue.


The Fikou are one of the many species to be created by the Brotherhood of Makuta using viruses and Energized Protodermis to populate the Matoran Universe.

Black Fikou

The Black Fikou

There was a population of Fikou in Metru Nui prior to the Great Cataclysm. These spiders used to live in the cables of Le-Metru and in some sections of Onu-Metru. They were known to live in the Fikou Web, an abandoned section of tunnels that were named because the tunnels had a similar structure to that of the webs that the Fikou spiders make.

There also was a population of a sub species of Fikou spiders in an area of the Southern Continent called Voya Nui, which developed stingers and pincers. After the Great Cataclysm, these Fikou were traped on the Island of Doom, where they remained for thousands of years. These population of Fikou spiders is persubabily dead since the Toa Mahri destroyed the Cord, sending Voya Nui back to it's original position.

VNOG Fikou

A Fikou in the Voya Nui Online Game

Metru Nui's population of Fikou Spiders migrated to the island of Mata Nui after the great Cataclysm. They lived there for thousands of years, until the Bohrok Swarms were awakened by the Toa Nuva, and the Rahi were forced to migrate back to Metru Nui.

After Teridax was killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna, the Fikou and the other Rahi have to join the mass exodus to Spherus Magna to escape the Matoran Universe before it finally breaks down.


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