Set Flame Sword
Flame Sword (Ackar)
Tool/Weapon Information
StatusIn use

The Flame Sword was a weapon used by Glatorian Ackar for Arena combat. The Sword had no enchanced qualities of its own prior to the arrival of Toa Mata Nui, who upgraded it using the Kanohi Ignika.
Currently, the Flame Sword has the ability to create bursts of Fire and is still in use.

Example Usage

In BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, Ackar used the Flame Sword to launch a jet of flame into the air, attracting the attention of the arguing Agori in the Tesara Arena.

Set Information

  • The Flame Sword was released with Ackar in Summer 2009.
  • The Flame Sword was built using only three pieces.

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