Fohrok Information
Species AffliationFake Bohrok
  • Other Fohrok
  • Brotherhood of Makuta (Formerly)
GoalTo serve the Brotherhood

The Fohrok were a species of robotic beings that were created, by Nynrah Ghosts, for the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Fohrok were based off the design of the Bohrok



Sometime after Mata Nui left Spherus Magna, the Brotherhood of Makuta learnt of the Bohrok. They began to see the Bohrok as a useful weapon against their enemies. This led to them employing a number of Fe-Matoran to construct another species of Bohrok for them to use. This resulted in the creation of the Fohrok. But the Fe-Matoran eventually found out the Brotherhood's plans for their creations and sabotaged them. This led to the inventors being executed and their creations destroyed by the Toa Hagah, as were Makuta Teridax's orders.


  • The name 'Fohrok' is a combination of the words 'Fake' and Bohrok'.
  • All Fohrok were colored blue and yellow. Despite them all having the same color schemes, they all had one of the six Bohrok elements.
  • Fohrok isn't a canon name, but it was created by fans to refer to these beings.


Bohrok (v|e)

Standard: Tahnok  • Gahlok  • Lehvak  • Pahrak  • Nuhvok  • Kohrak

Bohrok-Va: Tahnok Va  • Gahlok Va  • Lehvak va  • Pahrak Va  • Nuhvok Va  • Kohrak Va

Bohrok-Kal: Tahnok-Kal  • Gahlok-Kal  • Lehvak-Kal  • Pahrak-Kal  • Nuhvok-Kal  • Kohrak-Kal

Others: Av-Matoran  • Fohrok

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