Biographical Information
ToolsJaws, claws
Species StatusMost Alive

You may be looking for the Gadunka Reviews.

The Gadunka were a species of Aquatic Fish-like Rahi.

Natural Abilities

The average Gadunka would be expected to me no more than an inch in length. The species was commonly considered as 'territorial' and surprisingly aggressive for a fish of their size.

Enlarged Gadunka

During the Toa Mahri's time in the Pit, the Ignika fell on top of a Gadunka fish. This caused it to enlarge rapidly. The Enlarged Gadunka was then attacked by Hewkii Mahri, who threw boulders and rocks at it, all of which the creature devoured. Hewkii would have been killed had Hahli and Nuparu not come to help him defeat the Gadunka. Later, the Enlarged Gadunka attacked the Toa Mahri. It appeared to have, bizarrely, formed and alliance with a 300 Foot Mutant Venom Eel and the Ancient Sea Behemoth. The Gadunka came across the Ignika in the hands of Matoro Mahri and prised it off him. However, this angered the Ignika and it took away the Gadunka's new found size by shrinking it back to its original form.
This Gadunka was then eaten by a Takea Shark.


As shown with the death of the Enlarged Gadunka, the average Gadunka would presumably have been prey to the Takea shark or other ocean predators.

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