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Gadunka Reviews
Review Information
Set Number8922
Number of Reviews1
ColorsBlue, black
ToolsJaws, claws.
AvailabilityNot available

Review 1

By User:ThatDevilGuy (what a LAME sig)


  • Best value for money. (You get three inika upper bodies, six "daggers" and even a Matoran 2004 body if you missed out on that year)
  • Very creative build.
  • The way his hands/claws were designed amazes me.
  • His upper leg has (wait for it...) two connection to the main torso.
  • Love the way the upper leg armour was placed.
  • His head design is amazeingly good.
  • You do get allot of different pieces...


  • His claws can get annoying.
  • His legs don't move around allot.
  • His arms seem too feeble in the picture. He was epic-looking in the Mahri Mini Movie.
  • The squid launcher ruins the "giant-rampaging-rahi" effect he has.


A good set. You get allot of diff. pieces from older sets. I like the way his name is said, GA-DUN-KA!! It sounds like something you could chant in a crowd. Anyway..... His leg movement is limited by the double connection to the torso (looks good though).

9/10. Loove it.

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