Gate Guardian
Gate Guardian
Biographical Information
ColorsRed, Black
Species StatusAlive

Gate Guardians are Rahi that work for the Visorak.


The Gate Guardians are one of the many species to be created by the Brotherhood of Makuta using viruses and liquid Protodermis to populate the Matoran Universe.

Some time after the Visorak were conquered by Gorast, the Brotherhood of Makuta enlisted this Rahi in the Visorak hordes. This Rahi traveled with the Visorak, and guarded places that weren’t too important for a Kahgarak to guard but important enough to be gurarded.

During the Visorak’s invasion at Metru Nui, Nokama Hordika and Rahaga Gaaki encountered a Gate Guardian guarding the Great Temple. Nokama battled the hologram made by the Gate Guardian until she was exhausted, and Gaaki realized that the true Gate Guardian was hidden somewhere else. Nokama then defeated the Rahi with her Water Rothuka Spinner.

The Gate Guardians were freed when the Visorak were killed by the volcanic eruption in Artidax, but have returned to their duty since Teridax recreated the species.

After Teridax was killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna, the Gate Guardians and the other Rahi will have to join the mass exodus to Spherus Magna to escape the Matoran Universe before it finally breaks down in order to survive.

Abilities and Traits

The Gate Guardians create a hologram that is a smaller version of them. This Rahi use this tactic to exhaust the enemy. The Gate Guardians have a pair of powerful mandibles and can fire two Rothuka spinners from each side of the Rahi’s body.

Set Info

The Gate Guardian model could be built from the pieces of the Visorak sets Vohtarak and Oohnorak. The instructions where divided between the two sets instruction booklets.


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