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The Great Tournament was a tournament held once every year, in Atero Arena, to decide the overall best Glatorian of the year. The known winners are Ackar, Tarix, Vastus, Certavus and possibly other Glatorian as well.


Social System

Following the end of the Core War; that was marked by the Shattering, the Glatorian and Agori masses were trapped on Bara Magna and were left in ruin. As the villages struggled to rebuild the damage caused by the Cataclysm, it soon became apparent; to the Agori and Glatorian, that the War was over. Seeing no reason to remain opposing each other, Glatorian Certavus organized the Glatorian-Agori Social System. This meant that the four remaining armies would form separate Tribes and form alliances in order to survive the dangers of the Desert. It also meant that they would settle Colonial and Resource Disputes through Arena Matches. As Arena Matches became more popular, the leaders of the Tribes decided to promote a yearly Tournament where all the Glatorian; from each Tribe, would compete to win.
In the past, Ackar, Certavus, Vastus, and Tarix had won Great Tournaments, showing one victory for all four Tribes. Tarix was the most recent victor of a Great Tournament Arena Match as he won the Tournament prior to the arrival of the Skrall.

Arrival of the Skrall

However, as the Skrall migrated south due to the Baterra threat, they began to compete in the Arena Matches and began to dominate them due to their superior fighting abilities. As the Skrall overwhelmed the Glatorian combatants in the Arena, the other Tribes feared that they would not give any of the other Tribes a chance at the Great Tournament.
In spite of this, the Skrall did not attend the Great Tournament that year. Many Agori were anxious due to the Skrall's lack of presence but the Tournament continued.

Known Victors of Great Tournaments

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