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"Immediately, a strange feeling overwhelmed him. As if a cushion of strength had settled in around him, protecting him from all harm."
— Narration, BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa
Hau Comic
Mask of Shielding
Power(s)Protects user from physical attacks they are aware of
KanokaGrowth and Regeneration
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Mata (fomerly), Lhikan (fomerly)

The Kanohi Hau is the Mask of Shielding. It give its user the power to protect themselves from any physical attack they are aware of by throwing up a force shield. The mask cannot protect the user from mental attacks or ambushes. The only differences between the Great and the Noble versions of this Kanohi are that the Noble version is weaker and can't be used for as long as the Great one.

Hau were carved out of a mixture of Growth and Regeneration Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example Usages

Great: In the MNOLG, Onua used his Hau to protect himself from an attack by an infected Lewa.

Noble: Turaga Lhikan used his Hau to protect himself from Teridax's Shadow and in BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru Nui.

Known Wearers


  • The Toa Mata - Formerly; exchanged for Golden Kanohi. Tahu recently regained his Hau after being devolved by the Ignika.
    • Tahu - Primary mask; he also currently wears the Golden Armor Hau
    • Lewa - Former secondary mask
    • Pohatu - Former secondary mask
    • Gali - Former secondary mask
    • Kopaka - Former secondary mask
    • Onua - Former secondary mask
  • Various Rahi - (Infected) Formerly; all since uninfected.
  • Kumo (Powerless in shape of Great)
  • Lumi (Powerless in shape of Great)
  • Marka (Powerless in shape of Great)
  • Pekka (Powerless in shape of Great)
  • Zemya (Powerless in shape of Great)
  • Toa Mangai Lhikan - Formerly; became Noble when he became a Turaga.
  • Matoran Lhikan - (Powerless in shape of Great) Formerly; became Great when he became a Toa Mangai.


  • Turaga Lhikan - Now deceased; mask later given to Jaller.
  • Matoran Jaller - Formerly; given to Karzahni.


Set Info

  • A red Hau was released with the 2001 Toa Mata Tahu set.
  • An infected Hau was released with the 2001 Muaka and Kane-Ra set.
  • A golden variation of the Hau was released with the 2004 Lhikan and Kikanalo set.
  • A golden Hau was released with the 2010 Tahu Bionicle Star.


  • The Hau was the symbol of Mata Nui, as they both existed to protect.
  • The Coliseum's gate was in the shape of Lhikan's Hau.
  • An enormous Hau statue was in Artakha.
  • In the 'Toa Empire' alternate timeline, Teridax wore a Hau which appeared infected.
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