Heart of the Visorak
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionSummoning the whole Visorak Horde
User(s)Brotherhood of Makuta, Toa Mahri

The Heart of the Visorak was an artifact that was used by the Brotherhood to summon mass numbers of Visorak to one location.

Scroll of Preparations

The Heart of the Visorak was only recently recovered from the Brotherhood of Makuta by Toa Pohatu and Toa Onua on a quest to fulfil the tasks on the scroll of preparations. It was then passed on to the Order of Mata-Nui who gave it to their agent 'Johmak'.

Extinction of the Visorak

Johmak then travelled to Metru-Nui and passed the Heart of the Visorak on to the Toa Mahri, informing them of their mission, 'To take the Heart to Artidax, put it in the ground and run'. Toa Jaller, Toa Hahli and Toa Nuparu went off to Artidax with the Heart, leaving Toa Hewkii and Toa Kongu to protect the city. Upon arriving on Artidax, the three Toa were ambushed by Barraki Takadox, who hypnotised them into standing still on the island as the Visorak approached and as the island's volcano errupted. Luckily, Makuta Teridax, decided to save the Toa by breaking Jaller out of his trance so he could free his other two teammates. The Toa fled the island as the volcano eruptted, wiping out the Visorak species and burrying the Heart in Molten Magma.

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