CGI Idris
Species Ga-Matoran
Group None
Kanohi Ruru
Colors Dark Blue, Blue, Black
Element Water
Occupation None
  • Claw
  • Blades
Location The Pit
Status Alive
Pronunciation Eye-Der-iss

You may be looking for the Idris Reviews.

Idris was a Ga-Matoran who once resisted in the Pit.


Early History

Idris was once friends with Toa Lesovikk. While Lesovikk was on a mission that killed his entire team, this island's Matoran population had been banished to the realm of Karzahni by the island's insane Turaga.


Along with the other inhabitants of his old island, Idris was presumably forced to surrender her Kanohi and any tools he wielded. Karzahni then "Fixed" them, building them twisted and wrong. Disgusted by his creations, Karzahni banished them to the Southern Continent and out of his sight. Idris, who now wore a Ruru, was sent with this group and inhabited Mahri-Nui.

Great Cataclysm

When the Great Cataclysm rocked the Matoran Universe, Mahri-Nui and Voya-Nui detached from the Southern Continent and shot upwards, towards the surface of the planet. Mahri-Nui broke off Voya-Nui and sank into the Pit. Idris was in Mahri-Nui at this time and was dragged down with it. She, along with many other unfortunate Matoran resisting in Mahri-Nui, was mutated by the chemical known as 'Mutagen', which was present in the Pit's waters.



While on Mahri-Nui, Sarda did not do much. Her first major appearence was when she acompanied Defilak, Gar and Sarda on their mission through the Pit. The team was caught by Pridak's army of Takea sharks and were held hostage. When they failed to tell Pridak of the Kanohi Ignika Pridak thrust Sarda out of the cave and into the sharks.
Luckily, Sarda was saved by Toa Lesovikk, who later found Idris trapped outside of Mahri-Nui, now fully mutated into a water breather.
She then witenssed Lesovikk capturing Karzahni. The trio then came across a spare breathing apparatus, which was given to Idris so she could return to the surface.

Journey's End

After Mata Nui defeated Teridax, he combined his powers with the Ignika in order to restore Spherus Magna to its past state. In the process, all beings affected by the Pit Mutagen were cured, including Idris. After that, she joined the mass exodus to escape the Matoran Universe, and she is currently residing at the reformed planet.

Set Infomation

  • Idris was released in 2007 in the Karzahni set. This item's set number was 8940.
  • Although the set contained 372 pieces, Idris only used 32 of the total piece count.


  • BIONICLE Legends 6: City of the Lost
  • BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit
  • BIONICLE Legends 8: Downfall
  • Dreams of Destruction

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