Immoral Masks were Kanohi that were not usually worn by most Toa due to moral objection as they considered the powers of these Masks to be dishonorable.

All Immoral Kanohi could be forged using Kanoka Disks and all Kanohi prevalent to Makuta - exclusing the Mask of Mutation - were considered immoral because of their treachery against Mata Nui, as well as their destructive capabilities.

Known Immoral Kanohi


  • Matoro wore both a Kanohi Tryna and an Iden despite the fact that they were both were Kanohi that Toa would morally object to wearing. This was because the Ignika gave both of them to Matoro in order to "test" him, to see how he reacted to having such power under his control and whether or not he was indeed worthy of one day donning the Ignika.

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