"You are of the Fire people. So you wouldn't know about the Iron Wolves, one of the Great Beings' more ... efficient creations. I trained this pack, led them into battle, and when the world shattered, they stayed by my side. It was the wolves who brought me food and protected me from harm. And there were many in these mountains who would have done me harm."
Surel describing the Iron Wolves.
Iron Wolf
Iron Wolf
Species Information
ColorsWhite, Silver
HomelandBara Magna
Species StatusMost Alive

Iron Wolves were kind of wasteland wolves. They had helped Surel when he crashed in the desert by bringing him food and protecting him.


The Iron Wolves were created by the Great Beings during the Core War. They were then put into the ranks of the Ice Army.
One known Iron Wolf trainer was Surel. He was later wounded in the Core War and left for dead. Luckily, a pack of Iron Wolves, who he had trained, protected him while he was nursed back to health. They then resided in the White Quartz Mountains until recently.
It more current times, an Agori named Tarduk led an Expedition into the Iron Wolves' region and his group was pulled into their 'hive' to be killed for trespassing.
However, Surel managed to restrain them and taunted the Agori before the Elemental Lord of Ice appeared and caused an avalanche on the hive. This was countered by the Elemental Lord of Fire and the avalanche was cancelled out. However, the Iron Wolves then abandoned the hive and regrouped.
It is unknown how recent events have effected the Iron Wolf activity.


Iron Wolves and Surel

Surel with a pack of Iron Wolves


  • The Iron Wolf model was created by the BZPower Forum Leader -Shannara-, and it won the Iron Wolf Kanohi Journal Contest, making it canon. This is also the same person who created "Guardian" and the Spiny Stone Ape.

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