Species Unknown
Group Order of Mata Nui
Kanohi None
Colors Unknown
Element None
Occupation Order agent
Tools Sword (fused to)
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation JERR-brahz

Jerbraz was a male Order of Mata Nui Agent.


Jerbraz's early history, regarding his recruitment to the Order, is unknown. However it is known that he took part in an experiment which resulted in him becoming invisible. As a further consequence of this transformation, the Sword that caused this became fused to him.


After word had reached the Order that a Ko-Matoran had killed Vultraz on the Tren Krom Peininsula and Krakua, a De-Matoran was in danger. Jerbraz was sent to protect Krakua, however he asked Mazeka for asistance in battling Vultraz, while he saved Krakua.
When he returned, Mazeka forced him to accept Mazeka into the Order. Jerbraz became his trainer and taught him everything he knew and, on a number of occassions, set him up on a practice match with Tobduk.

Powers and Tools

Jerbraz had no known powers of his own, however he wielded a Sword that was fused to him, causing him to also be invisible as a side affect of the experiment.


  • Jerbraz was a play of the name 'Jeremy Brazel', an artist who helped with Bionicle World.


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